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Re: [Fot] Accelerator Cable Connection to Triple Webers

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Subject: Re: [Fot] Accelerator Cable Connection to Triple Webers
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Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 16:08:07 -0500
My Canon manifold has a place to mount a bell crank, which connects directly
to a modified setting of the TR6 lever that is on the pedal rod.  I even
used the original spring return on that lever.  It takes some patience to
set it up, but the solid linkage works fine on the triple set of Webers. If
you don't have the Canon manifold then a bracket I'm sure can be made that
bolts to one of the manifold nuts.  Since I recently converted to cable on a
different carb set-up, I welded a rod onto my original pedal bar that goes
out the left side of the foot pad placement, toward the driver.  Bored a
hole in the bulkhead flat just left of the battery mount, then ran the cable
from a hole in the pedal's new bar, through the flat battery shelf to an
aluminum holder for the cable sleeve to rest against, then over the top of
the valve cover to another bracket on the carbs that allows the sleeve to
adjust while the cable connects to the carb linkage bar leg. I suppose
that's hard to follow with my explanation of it, but if your interested I
can send you pictures off FOT line.

Don W. Carter

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I'm converting my throttle linkage on the TR6 race car to a cable and
am looking for a piece to connect the cable at the Weber end of the
set-up. Most everything that I have seen is designed for only two
Webers. Anybody have any ideas or sources?



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