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[Fot] Zippo feature NOW Laps per Dollar

Subject: [Fot] Zippo feature NOW Laps per Dollar
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 05:07:22 -1000
This is no surprise to me, I generally run Monterey and the Country  
every year. Great events, but if you're looking for laps per dollar,  
you're better off in a local SCCA vintage grid--or even more so a  
local club track day. I enjoy the social and event aspects of the big  

I DO think that there's much too much fiddling around between  
sessions, and organizations running big events fiddle more than most.

Here's some suggestions:

There's too much focus on getting broken cars back to the paddock. If  
they're in a safe place, let them sit until there's enough time. I  
know that's frustrating for ONE person but you have forty cars on the  
grid--do the math. if everyone knows the rules then so what.

Get the cars on a five minute on the last lap of the previous group's  
race. You can switch to a hold if something happens.

Thump novices if they pull their cars off into an unsafe place.  
Experienced drivers too, but most of the really bozo parking I've  
seen is newbies. Tell them NOT to nurse it back to the paddock and  
show them all the places they can get to that are safe and that won't  
stop the race.

For that matter, a bozo off to the side of the track but still on the  
surface is a local yellow, not full course. Even if the bozo is me.  
If he's on the apex, well that's different. But he'd better have  
locked brakes.

Half hour for lunch.

Want to do an on track photo session for the featured marque? How  
about after the track closes. The light is more dramatic anyway.

Track parades, who needs 'em. Bunch of twidgets and their leaky cars.  
I hate getting on track in the first group after a track parade.  
these guys have antifreeze in their radiators.

I will however, gladly stand down and watch with thrilled attention  
anytime someone wants to let Sir Stirling Moss, Phil Hill, Jack  
Brabham, Pete Lovely, Dan Gurney, Mario Andretti, or any other of the  
real racers  do a couple of laps

Bill Babcock
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On Mar 24, 2007, at 1:57 AM, wrote:

> In a message dated 3/23/2007 6:17:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
> The  Zippo is a fun event and includes a tour of the original road  
> course and
> celebrations in the town. Be advised, however, that SVRA severely   
> overbooks
> this event every year. Expect short sessions and the shortest   
> Sunday race
> you
> have ever run. Those of us who are regulars have seen two  and  
> three-lap
> races
> due to too many classes on the schedule.  Unfortunately, this is  
> the norm.
> In years past what David has said is true. We have made a special  
> effort to
> successfully correct this recently. Check the results and speak to  
> people who
> attend.
> We have also extended this to a full 4-day event. As the feature,  
> you will
> get an extra race and perhaps an extra practice session.
> However, the main thing about the Zippo is being part of the  
> biggest  vintage
> event in the USA. There are so many activities that you will not  
> have  time
> to do all of them anyway.
> If you just want track time you should go to Beaver Run. Would you  
> tow from
> Texas of California just for that?
> Jack Woehrle
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