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Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 12:40:59 -0400

The Kastner Cup race at Miller Motorsports Park (Tooele, Utah) is shaping up
to be a great event.  Although originally set up to run the perimeter track,
Nostalgia Racing has recognized that the small bore cars may not enjoy the
3500 foot long main straight, so we will be running the East configuration.
Miller Motorsports Park describes it as follows:

bThe 2.2 mile East course has as many as seven major overtaking areas, and
14 corners, including the three-turn esses, which have significant elevation
changes. The feature corner on the East course is the final turn, a 50
foot-wide, 9B: banked sweeper that leads onto the main straight. It is
designed to create last-minute overtaking challenges before the race to the
finish line.b

It should make for fun racing!  So far, the following have expressed interest
in coming to the event:

Chuck GeeSpitfire
Mike BrunerTR4
Mordy DunstTR4
Steve SmithGT6
Ken Gillanders/Preston KaenelTR3
Paul SmockTR4
Bob MillerTR3A
Dennis DeLapTR4
Chuck ArnoldTR5
Joe AlexanderTR4/Ambro?
Jim NorlinSpitfire
John FrymarkTR4

If you arenbt on the list above and are planning on going, please let me
know so I can add you to the list.

All Triumph participants will be eligible to win the Kastner Cup, an award
based on 50% for the competitive results on the race track during the event
(not necessarily the winner), 25% for the presentation of the car, and 25% for
the attitude and interest in Vintage racing.  This event will be under
Historic Regulations, which means, no slicks or fender flairs.  There will
also be other bgoodiesb for all Triumph entries to commemorate the event.

So make your plans now and join your FOT brethren and this great venue!

More about Nostalgia Racing here:
A track map here:
More about Miller Motorsports Park here:
More about the Kastner Cup here:

Call Jimmy at 303.697.0750 for event information packets and entry forms or
use the form attached.

Thanks and hope to see you there!

Chuck Gee
Blacksmith Racing
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