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[Fot] TR6 / Corvair hubs

To: "Friend Of Triumph" <>
Subject: [Fot] TR6 / Corvair hubs
From: "David Wingett" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 16:51:03 -0500
             It's nice to know I had a small part in keeping a few Triumphs
out on the track.
     I haven't made any in a few years now.  I've had many requests but it got
to be just too big a project.
            I do have a couple sets of the Alum. hubs I've been saving as
spares for my own racing habit.  For those that have or are considering
Corvair axles this is the major part you need.  Sorry but when they are gone I
wont be making any more.

            Best to contact me off line

                    Dave Wingett

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