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[Fot] scope / tuneup machine

Subject: [Fot] scope / tuneup machine
From: tom strange <>
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2008 08:54:29 -0700 (PDT)
Would anyone want a decent Bear Scope?
    This is the one that stands upright, storage cabinet below... 
  single cylinder monitoring etc ...
    I never use it anymore and I need the floor/wall space.
    You would have to pick it up in Appleton and the price would be somewhere 
between a couple of new or used but nice Aeroquip fittings to free.
    I'd like to get this out of the shop and out of my way.
    I also have an exhaust gas analyzer I'd get rid of cheap .. one other thing 
I never use.
    (This one might go for 3 or 4 aeroquip fittings...)
    For details, give me a call, its hard to tell it all in an email.
  920-733-5013.  I'm home most of the day today and tomorrow then mornings 
after 10:00 AM during the week.
    Good stuff needing a home...

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