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Re: [Fot] TR4 J type overdrive transmission

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Subject: Re: [Fot] TR4 J type overdrive transmission
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Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 11:10:20 -0700
We always used the overdrive without all of the relays on top of the 

when you do a new tranny..weld an angle brace on(i think the non-starter 
side) where the bellhousing meets the trans
racer bud
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Subject: [Fot] TR4 J type overdrive transmission

> Greetings again,
> After 2.5 years the TR4 build is done ( for the most part) The car did 
> well
> in it's first race but a few issues
> surfaced. The overdrive has never worked more than about ten shifts in any
> given stint.
> Once the car is completely cool it would function again for another ten or
> so shifts.
> It seems to go into free wheel or a neutral. I replaced the solenoid just
> yesterday
> with no change in symptoms. I regularly check the fluid level and I'm 
> using
> Red Line
> 75-90 per John Esposito. I have heard the transmission pressure can be
> checked
> while the car is being driven. Any hot tips there would be appreciated. It
> seems like a good idea to do
> some daignostics before I pull the tranny. There is also a rotaional like
> clicking sound coming from the OD
> while staionary in neutral and goes away once it's moving. I rate it on a
> nasty clicking sound scale a 6 out of 10.
> I also have trouble with third gear. I think the syncro is going out. I 
> have
> been told that third is troublesome anyway.
> It's pretty clear the tranny needs to come out before the next race.
> This is a stock tranny with no more than the layshaft and steel hat 
> bushing
> upgrades to suit the J type OD.
> I am wondering, if you, the FOT, were building a new transmission for
> racing, what would you do ?
> The diff & gear is the 3.70 with a quaife. Any suggestions regarding ratio
> changes ?
> While doing a bit of research on dog boxes I ran across this incar race
> footage of a BMW with
> a sequential box. It's pretty good footage.
> <>
> &feature=related
> Thanks again,
> Jim Gray
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