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[Healeys] Kathy Wissig's AH 100 (see prior note from Micheal Orritt)

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Subject: [Healeys] Kathy Wissig's AH 100 (see prior note from Micheal Orritt)
From: Jim Cox <tappiokie@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 10:06:56 -0400
I had a chance to inspect this car last night and it is impressive. It
is presently in a crowded garage, so hard to see underneath but no
frame or chassis rust apparent by feeling around and looking at
cockpit, trunk and engine compartment. Some rust in right rear dogleg.
Slightly damaged trunklid--easily repaired. No signs of other accident
damage. Extremely straight--never been apart. Owned by this family
since 1955 and always garaged. All mechanical work performed by Doug
Reid. Actually 44 thousand original miles, not 48. Original Healey
Blue car with one white repaint. Original top and tonneau. Original
title and other paperwork.  Numbers seem to match, two piece
dash--Austin of England script on trunklid. Shrouds in excellent
shape-no sign of electrolytic corrosion. May be replacement
windshield. Excellent shut lines all around (excepting trunklid)
including bonnet. Original bumpers--correct rear curvature. Missing
parts of the air cleaners and heaters--maybe some other bits.
Overall, a very honest, intact survivor car in the same family for the
last 56 years. Could easily be gone through, and with some minimum
repairs to drive as-is.
One more thing - expect to pay market value. Kathy has done her
homework and does not have to sell the car right away.

Contact Kathy at:
 410 465 4214  Home
410 615 5566 Cell

E Mail Wissig @ verizon.net

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