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Wanted young/fast hot rodder

To: <>, "Keith Turk" <>
Subject: Wanted young/fast hot rodder
From: "Wendy Jeffries" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 05:36:58 -0800
Hi all,
  The Bonneville Racing News has been contacted by a British company
who films the Extreme Machine program for the Discovery Channel.  They
are going to do their next salt racing piece on the all out wheel
driven guys like Al Teague and Vesco.  Among other things they said:

"We are now making a third show about the LSR but where our previous
shows concentrated on the unlimited attempts of 1997, this show will
look at the history of the subject and use a lot of archive footage,
bringing the story up to the present day and the future of the LSR.
Within this we will of course be looking at the wheel-driven record.

"The last question is whether there are any up and coming young men
are breaking records or just showing promise on the salt - it seems
people like Tom Green, Craig Breedlove and Al Teague all became
as young men, but now there don't seem to be very many young men
involved - is this because it is an expensive sport, or because the
speeds now are much faster and it's more dangerous. We'd love to find
'young pretender' to talk to. Any ideas?"

So - I have a few ideas and  there are lots of father/son , and even
grandson teams, but anyone know of a young Craig Breedlove who sets
records on his own.  Address/e-mail/phone number  would help.

Also, when I hit reply to these messages that come from the list, it
goes to Keith only.  Hope I picked the right address for the list.

Have clicker - will travel
Wendy Jeffries,
Co-Administrator BirdCLICK

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