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Re: young pretender

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Subject: Re: young pretender
From: "Wendy Jeffries" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 07:23:25 -0800
Yes, I got the package of goodies from ECTA John.  Thanks.  Maybe you
should ask in your news letter if some wife, or young family member
wouldn't like to help photograph and report for your meets.  Any
journalist students in the group?

USFRA is continuing with new board members.  World of Speed is
planned.   Deadline for us is ..... the sooner the better, but we'll
actually go to print in two weeks.  Hey!  E-mail it and we don't have
to type it!

I'm going to forward all of the suggestions on young pretenders to the
Bristish folks.

Wendy Jeffries,

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