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ECTA Rule now on the Web Page

Subject: ECTA Rule now on the Web Page
From: "Lawrence E. Mayfield" <>
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 19:22:49
John Beckett provided secion one of the ECTA rules and I have posted them
on the web site. Thanks, John!

Also, remember that May 1 is the next racing day at Maxton. Ya'll git on
down there! I need on-site reporters to give me race results and to forward
pictures (digital of course) of the winners, or just purty cars. Captions
also. John, will you get the race results and points put together like
before? Since this is the second race will need total points also.

In case you've forgotten,and shame on you, you should have it bookmarked,
the web site is:


L.E. Mayfield
124 Maximillion Drive
Madison, Al. 35758-8171
1-256-837-1051 <<<<preferred

Bonneville Land Speed Racer, '66 Hydroplane Drag Boat (390 FE)

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