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Re: Wheels & Tires

To: "Keith Turk" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Wheels & Tires
From: John Beckett <>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 11:53:08 -0400
     On the Salt I have tried both Goodyear Daytona and front runners. Went
the fastest on the front runners with the least amount of trouble. But be
carefull of Goodyear front runners. I had a set start to come apart after
repeted 220 to 230 MPH runs. Get the recommended wheel size from the tire
manufacturer. Plan to run Micky Thompsons this year. Have an extra set for
sale if your interested. Maxton is a whole different story.

John Beckett
At 08:49 AM 4/28/99 -0500, Keith Turk wrote:
>As I get ready to go racing this weekend... I was thinking of a question
>Larry Mayfield (Mayf) posed to me and was curious what everyone else
>thought about the right combination of wheels and tires for the salt?
>Oh and your favorite place to buy them..
>Keith Turk 
>Austin Healey 100, Bugeye, Box sprites, Bonneville Camero ( Land Speed

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