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PC Security (NON LSR)

To: "Keith Turk" <>, "Chris R Harris"
Subject: PC Security (NON LSR)
From: Bryan Savage <>
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 19:39:28 -0700
Chris, Keith, Steve and List

As bad as viruses are there are Worms that are even worse and when they
first show up
can't be stopped by any anti-virus software. The only thing that will
stop them is a Firewall.
If you have an IP address that changes, the risk is very low. If you
have a static IP
address (Cable modem, Satellite link or DSL) the risk is high.

If you would like additional info,  just contact me off list by E-mail
or 877-443-9882.


Steve Pitt wrote:

 >Nasty stuff....I got over 300 infected e-mail's last weekend.  Many
 >supposedly from people I know, many falsely using LSR list names (sorry
 >Chris, but I knew it really wasn't you).  Norton caught 'em and zapped them.
 >But then just like Keith and Chris, I have people cranked at me cause I'm
 >sending them infected attachments.  Not!  It uses your e-mail address and
 >names in your book and sends more out even tho you didn't get the virus.
 >"Spoofing" virus is what I read it's called.  Nasty buggers are smart
 >people, but they should put that brain power and energy to better uses than
 >trying to goof up our computers.
 >Steve Pitt, Seattle

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