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Re: Chris and Ed Shearer (NON LSR)

To: "Bryan Savage" <>,
Subject: Re: Chris and Ed Shearer (NON LSR)
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Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 12:23:44 -0500
Bryan.... quite honestly I was really doing that to make my christmas
better...  I was kinda down in the dumps bout that time and it gave me
something I felt was worthwhile to focus on...

Like you I was amazed at the response from all of you...  and since then
I've been asked to do a couple of more things,  All of us are constantly
hounded to do for other people...each of us do our share of tides in
different ways...  I don't want to abuse our generousity....That was just
such a wonderful opportunity to give back to our sport...

Thank you for bringing it up... I think all of us felt great about the whole

K ( interesting thou Jennie asked me the other day if she could throw away
the donation sheets finally.... she's a clean freak and can't stand clutter
in her filing cabinets.... So I let her....but again with other peoples
money I'm a fanatic about it being right....)

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Subject: Chris and Ed Shearer (NON LSR)

> I want to thank you, Keith, and the others on the list for enabling me to
> participate in buying the DVD equipment for Chris.
> I met and talked with her and Ed about it on Wednesday (I think).  They
> so grateful it was embarrassing.
> I don't get a chance to participate in random acts kindness as often as I
> would like. It made me feel great!
> Thanks again folks,
> Bryan
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