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Re: new to list( Dang little LSR)

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Subject: Re: new to list( Dang little LSR)
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Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 03:30:23 -0500
Why yes we have Grits... and I must be the only person that learned to like
them in Los Angles...  where I didn't graduate from High School... and No
Doug I wasn't out on parole....( they hadn't caught me YET )

14yrs of Night school netted me a degree in Professional Aeronautic's from
Embry Riddle... ( they teach pilot stuff...not English )

And yes I have a passion for little British Sports cars... Healey's
mostly... but It seems this here Berkeley thing was built there too?  shows
you how much I know about them...

Donald Wales is a pal of mine.... seems his Grand dad was a bit of a racer
himself.... ( Sir Malcolm Campbell )

We know ( but admit little after that ) Malcolm Pittwood... who can tell you
more then you care to know about LSR in England.... he's on the list.. and
if you take him out to dinner.... you have to watch for the local constables

after that I can attest to only one thing..... Yep that salt is not only
white... but it tastes like Salt...

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> Thanks for the warm welcome guys :)
> Tom, I'm nowhere near Derby, I'm at the other end of the country (the
> west) closer to GT Motorcycles who Gabriel came over with a couple of
> ago, but I venture all over the country sprinting.
> England is a little short on salt flats, so I guess I'll have to make a
> pilgrimage across the pond to see for myself. As for the "hicks", well
> already been to Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas, but I still can't say
> "grits" like they do (sounds like "greeeyuts" to me) ;)
> Hopefully before then I'll get some runs in at Elvington, Yorkshire or
> Woodbridge on my 750 (which will actually be a 900 soon) just to keep Joe
> his toes in the 1 litre class :)
> Lorc
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