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What I did Today...

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Subject: What I did Today...
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Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 17:18:12 -0700
I still have many projects to do on the car. Today I reworked the fire
bottle cradle to account for a push type release instead of pull. Got that
done and the paint is drying. The I fabbed up a push cable anchor for the
operator end. I made it so I have to hit it with the heel of my right had to
make it go. It likewise has its paint drying. Next is locating the engine
compartment nozzles and the pilots set as well. For the engine I amplannig
on one for each side of the motor about where the pan gasket line is but
maybe blowing in a vertical fan so it also gets th headers and the turbo for
that side. Then I think I want to put one rin=ght in the middle up top to
spray back on the fuel rails, injectors and so forth. For the driver, One
deep in the foot well spraying towards the engine side of the foot well and
the other about knee high spraying towards the legs. Of course this car is
ompletely open so most will be sucked out the drivers compartment. Two
nozzles enough for the driver? 3 in the engine compartment?



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