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RE: Mabee Special Facts

Subject: RE: Mabee Special Facts
From: "Landspeed Louise Ann Noeth" <>
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 23:26:11 -0700
how odd, if you note the date, it was Sept 3rd that I sent the note to the
list. why it only appeared today and WITHOUT the details is a mystery. I
checked my "sent" messages and the commentary was there, I cut and paste
AGAIN, let's see if it makes it. For some reason, several of my posts are
not getting through.

Odd, very odd.

Speedy Regards,

"LandSpeed" Louise Ann Noeth
LandSpeed Productions
"Telling stories with words and pictures"

    We are members of Goodguys and enjoy reading your column.  We also
really loved your book "Bonneville the Fastest Place on Earth", but beyond
all these, we are finally going to be at Bonneville for the first time
during the August event.  We are so excited.

To add to our excitement we will be bringing the Mabee Special that is
nearing the completion of its
restoration. This was the first non streamliner, non bellytanker, in other
words, it  was the first street car to exceed 200 mph. This year marks the
fiftieth anniversary of that event and record.

Ray Brown, who not only built the engine for our car then,  but, also, for
the Shadoff Special that set many national and FIA records will be in
attendance for the first time in almost fifty years.  Hopefully, Joe Mabee,
the driver of the car will be there.  His son, Guy will be attending.

The builder of the car, Denny Larsen is still alive and was planning on
attending but began having chest
pains in the past few days and his doctor has said he may not come to

Ray Brown raced at the dry lakes, at Bonneville, was the owner of Ray Brown
Automotive that produced
many racing engines, especially the hemi, in the 50's, was the original
owner of the 99c '32 Ford roadster at Petersen Museum, and much more.  We
are very proud and honored to have had the opportunity to meet these
gentlemen and work on a car they did.  This particular car, The Mabee
Special, has a very rich and interesting history.  We will share that
information, gladly.

Jim and Lea Ann Robinson

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