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Pork Pie.... I'm not hitting on your spelling skills here.... but are you
sure your not from England?

To funny....

Keith ( Come on Pork Pie.... who loves ya? )
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> Hi Louise,
> my experience to the media in the starting area.
> The close picture I make normally 6-7 cars behind the starting line, where
the teams and drive start to prepare the car/bike for the run and they are
not disturb in there concentration for the run. I only make close up picture
with a short lense, when I see that the rider/driver is smiling and relax
under his helmet on the starting line and shows that he has no problem with
the photographer. Otherwise I use my long lense and shoot the cars/bikes
from the long distance when they are ready to go on the starting line.
> Also it's better to stay away from the place during the last moment before
the start, due to this that the crew member needs every place to get every
thing right, to get the car in gear and so on. I know this very well from
our own starts - get the driver in the seatbelt, start the engine, last
check if the parachute is clear and the fire extinguisher is active, get the
pushing car in postion.
> In this moment you can't need other people around.
> You can shoot good picture with a 70-200 mm lense from a save position,
which helps everybody, the driver, the starter, the spectator.
> Thing fast....always
> Pork Pie

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