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RE: racing gas at Maxton

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Subject: RE: racing gas at Maxton
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Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 16:31:55 -0400
Unh, Scott -- this year the gas at Maxton is served up from a truck from the
Sunoco Racing Fuels company (Hank something, can't remember the full name
just now) that sits at the south end of the pits.  I wheeled my bike up to
it and had them fill and seal the tank right then and there, and that's what
the standard procedure is, I think.

I also seem to remember that the gas truck was there all day Saturday and
maybe part of Sunday -- maybe just Sat -- but I don't remember anything
about Friday.  Don't count on Friday, don't count on Sunday, and don't count
on being able to carry gas from truck to your vehicle -- unless it's right
in front of the truck.  Tank seals were affixed, too!

How could I forget this stuff?  After all, my bike was the one "incident" at
the May meet, when I was walking it away from the fuel truck and back to the
pit and tried to turn too sharp -- the bike keeled over, causing me untold
amounts of embarrasment.  I instantly, to my credit, came up with the cover
story:  "I like to get my crashes out of the way with the motor off and at
walking speed!"

We hope to make it to both the September and the October Maxton events --
assuming we don't hurt anything at the September and October Bonneville

     Jon and Nancy Wennerberg
Seldom Seen Slim Land Speed Racing
#436   Marquette, Michigan   #1478
      (that's way up North)

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Subject: racing gas at Maxton

  Last year we all lined up to get our gas cans filled and then we went back
to our cars and poured it in. Am I correct in assuming that this year we
will line up our vehicles and have them filled that way and can one get
their car filled up on Friday?


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