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Total Loss System

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Subject: Total Loss System
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Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 15:35:25

We run a total loss system on the big red truck. We run one big bus battery for 
the starter, the water pumps, and all the other stuff. We run one smaller 
automotive battery for the ignition only. This setup seems to work well. We 
always have enough rent cars to charge batteries between runs. ;-)

As for Dave\'s assertions about alternators, I would say that anything that 
relies on a belt is another potential point of failure. I\'m sure he is right 
that if you\'re worried about horespower losses you\'d do better to look 
elsewhere first.

The only other good argument for an alternator is higher voltage. Many people 
have told me that MSD ignitions prefer higher voltage - up to 16 volts. Of 
course that can also be solved by batteries in a total loss system.

Jim Webb

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