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American English (part LSR) & Float Speeds.

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Subject: American English (part LSR) & Float Speeds.
From: Malcolm Pittwood <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 13:35:08 -0400


Rich Fox wanted to know why I may have been talking about a large property
with gates and winding drive or the property of the recently departed.  

Of course this one went over 225 mph (Glen will have the exact Bonneville
figures) and because of its shape is called an 'Estate Car' over here in
England.  The back is so large (by our standards) that you could fit the
country house into it.

To Americans I guess we are talking about a 'shooting break', or some such
- trust guns to feature in the US version!

The main point is who owns the fastest car/vehicle of this type?  Is it MG
Rover in the Altered Class or has someone else got the bragging rights to
this body shape.  The Guinness book should get it right for this worldwide
class (they turned down the Milk Floats for inclusion as only the Britsd
have them)

I am going back to the FIA Speed Records lists, where body shape makes no
difference and life is easy (LOL).

Malcolm Pittwood, Derby, England.

ps Dave D - the Americans have bar stools at 45 mph the UK has Milk Floats
at 73 mph - most on this list would hope/wish/dream of going 200 mph (if
they have not done so already).  For some however you race what you can get
hold of and 'hot rod' even if they only just creep past the national speed
limit on public roads.

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