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Re: What I've Been Doing--gettint closer to NOISE

To: "DrMayf" <>, <>
Subject: Re: What I've Been Doing--gettint closer to NOISE
From: Sparky <>
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 12:47:35 -0500
Mayf---your are going to be making NOISE before  we know it
> From: "DrMayf" <>
> Date: 2003/09/20 Sat AM 11:18:32 CDT
> To: <>
> Subject: What I've Been Doing
> I had decided not to go to WOS (lack of funds) this year. So I been fiddling
> with THE car, you know, the "World's Fastest Sunbeam Wannabie". Since about
> a week before WOS, I finished plumbing all the fire bottles and nozzles,
> building the pull and push cable mounts, completedd the parachute deployment
> system, fabbed up part of the underhood reservoir tank lines, finalized the
> throttle cable system under the hood along with the AOD TV cable system
> (which I hope not to have to use), rethought the upper radiator to motor
> hose layout and came up with a better solution, almost finished the EFI
> throttle body to turbo bonnet and ordered a lot of fittings (but not all).
> Oh, and I dreamed up a method to connect the lower radiator hose to the
> water pump (yeah, this is a real problem because of space constraints). What
> I wouldn't give to have a long car with lots of room...
> And anxiously await each day's write ups of the results and commentaries.
> Taking today off to clean up around the shop a little and wash my truck...
> yeow   exciting...

Lakester 2211

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