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link - Ab Jenkins Special/Mormon Meteor story

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Subject: link - Ab Jenkins Special/Mormon Meteor story
From: W S Potter <>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 07:58:27 -0600
This was a wonderful experience to watch and I want to share it with the

I was fortunate to be there with them as they filmed the runs and also to
see Marv Jenkins reaction.  Nostalgia in it's purest form.

We ran the cars on the "short course" and filmed from the 3/4 mile area so
we heard the exhaust note in clarity.  You could almost see the smiles
through the face shields on the helmets.  Both John Hollansworth and Marv
Jenkins were smiling and yet almost in tears.

Dennis Gage drove the Pierce back to the pits and I think he is hooked on
the salt.  If anyone gets the Speed Channel, be watching for them to run
this bit.  Should be some more Bonneville stories on "My Classic Car" in the
future.  He had "Salt Fever" in a big way when he reluctantly left to get to
the airport in SLC for a flight to another appointment.

One of the guys was headed for Salt Lake to pick up a friend at the airport.
Said he saw a white car approaching at high speed in his rear view mirror
... Utah Highway Patrol? ... no!  When it passed him it was Dennis Gage in a
rented Mustang.  He tried to follow him but lost him when they went over 115
on I-80.  He was hitting the rev limiter on his car and couldn't catch up.


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