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Re:Pushing the string---- Research

To: "Thomas E. Bryant" <>,
Subject: Re:Pushing the string---- Research
From: Sparky <>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 20:37:32 -0500
Tom I disagree---

what hasn't changed is a guy with a dream for what he wants to do with his 
ride----you have pushed your "STRING" pretty dam far---sparky
> From: "Thomas E. Bryant" <>
> Date: 2003/09/25 Thu AM 11:40:31 CDT
> To: Land Speed <>
> Subject: Research
> List,
> This may not be of interest to anyone else but it caught my eye while 
> looking at the old programs.
> Following is a quote the 1967 Program Editor's remarks at the heading of 
> the Competition Coupe Classes...
> Competition Coupe/CC
> "The fastest speed obtained by modified stock bodies are turned in by 
> these cars. Some of us wish cars with the classic competition coupe 
> body--a chopped and channeled '34 Ford Coupe--had a chance, but it 
> appears to be Studebaker country."
> Competition Coupe was an open fuel class in those days. The gas class 
> was added in the late eighties.
> Things have changed!
> Tom, Redding CA - #216 D/CC

Lakester 2211

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