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Subject: RE: Test Report
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Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 23:16:54 -0500
thanks for the progress report.  A new setup is a real adventure, isn't it?
I can't imagine how you would figure the toe-in on a "slightly offset"
in-line front end!  Wish I could see it run next month.

Don't trust Gary A's feedback-- he drives EVERYTHING one-handed (there are
no cupholders!). LoL.  And Kathy actually came out to the Salt?  Well, maybe
there's still hope that I will get Madge out there someday!  (Hope Kathy
enjoyed it-- surely she would have if she'd been there for Gary's  red-hat

Must be nice to be as close as you are to Bonneville.  When I finish my land
deal, I'll at least be 200 miles (12.5%) closer than I am now.
Russ, #1226B

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Subject: Test Report

If anybody is interested, we got a lot accomplished at WOS. The new
"inline" (slightly offset) frontend gave a little grief but settled down in
a day or two. Alignment and weight-on-wheels is important. Setting toe-in
was an expected challenge. The new turbo worked fine and we had the
expected trouble finding the right fuel mixture and getting it to follow
the boost curve. Basics worked fine and refinements are either coming or
being installed as this is written.
All part of figuring it out.
We had a great time and talked to several new salt racers trying to
encourage them.
Gary and Bonnie La Ronge were a big help as were Gary and Kathy Allen. Gary
Allen reports he didn't have to use two hands on the steering wheel so it
must be close. Will add more instrumentation for Finals.
I did notice that the 900 mile round trip was less tiring than the previous
3000 mile round trip. (-:(-:
Skip (back in Pahrump Tuesday)

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