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RE: rear steer/bsa

To: "Russel Mack" <>
Subject: RE: rear steer/bsa
From: john robinson <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 10:44:48 -0500
         yeah 14-1 compression,  I had to remove the kickstarter,  first, 
it bent and cracked the 5/8 shaft from trying to start it, second, the 
lowered frame put the lever almost on the ground when kicked through, 
third, I'm too old to hobble myself kicking on the thing, did that the 
first year I had it, 1984, wore a brace on my knee for 4 months 'cause the 
knee bent backwards when it backfired.  had ignition troubles( bad battery 
from vibration, what,Victors vibrate?) and spent a lot of time kicking last 
year, that gets REAL OLD FAST!!!
         So I'm using a 10hp B&S (brand new!) spinning a garden tractor 
tire via belt drive to spin the rear wheel. the starter motor is bigger 
than the bsa engine! something wrong with that somehow........maybe I 
should use the B&S for the bike huh? (big grin here)
       the exhaust length is set at 9000 right now, its' a slide adjustable 
length down to ( I think these are the length/rpms I figured out) 7000, (21 
inches to 26 inches long). last years exhaust was way too long, 36 inches 
and the rpm stopped at 6400 in 4th gear, shifting at 8500 without a problem 
until top gear....
      built an english wheel and did a dome in the seat for carb clearance, 
about 4 inches dia X 1 1/2 high, for my first project with it, and it don't 
look too bad actually, ( somebody once described my work on the bike as 
functional and crude, at first I took offence, but on reflection am proud 
of it ) . gonna do the rest of the fairing in aluminium.... to look kinda 
like charlies toy, but with my take on aero .....

At 10:55 PM 9/29/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Nice bike, John.
>I like your frame stretch, handlebars, tank.  (Looks like it would just
>about fit ME!)
>Is this the one with the 14/1 (am I remembering that right?) compression?
>Finished with the exhaust?  Acoustic-tuned at-- what-- 10,000rpm?  Seems a
>little high, for a Victor (LoL).
>Looking forward to hearing, seeing it run.
>Russ, #1226B
>the way, here's
>a pic of my MPS-PG 500cc (actually 441cc) 1967 BSA Victor. still to do the
>all alum fairing.....

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