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FW: V-Max and other odd motors

To: "Land Speed" <>
Subject: FW: V-Max and other odd motors
From: "Dana" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 14:21:21 -0700
I was under the impression (probably incorrectly), that 2-strokes lose their
"advantage" over 750cc or so (I know nothing about 2-strokes).

I have no knowledge of outboards ... what size do they go up to?

BTW ... speaking of s-smokes ... I just got my 1973 Kawi. H2
cases/jugs/heads back from the blaster and gave them a nice bath. I
installed the transmission train and kick-starter, bathed and wire-scrubbed
the crankshaft and double-checked the rod runout (none! ... bearings are
tight too), oiled it all up and dropped it in.

Now I'm ready to put the case halves together.

I'll sell the stock piston/pin assy's on eBay to pay for a Wiseco overbore
set, and shop for a big-ass shoe-horn and a bucket-O-grease to squeeze the
motor into my GS race chassis for the 2015 season (I work slowly).

(heading off to El Mirage on Saturday AM ... I hope I make it ... 3rd time's
a charm ... "no-rain", "no-rain", "no-rain", "ohhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm")
#890b this time

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Subject: V-Max and other odd motors

Speaking of Vmax.  And motorcycle motors in cars.  And streamliners with
snow mobile motors.  Has anbody played with a big, two stroke outboard motor
in a lakester or streamliner?  It just seems  that some of those two stroke
outboards put out a lot of HP for the displacement.

Dick J in east Texas

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