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Re: E-motion Activity and Lake Bonneville Water Report

Subject: Re: E-motion Activity and Lake Bonneville Water Report
Date: Sat, 7 May 2005 15:57:49 EDT
In a message dated 05/07/05 10:53:35 AM, writes:

> Those of us that have worked with things "electric".
> KNOW that Smoke is what makes up electronics,
> once the smoke escapes, those things will not work any longer!
Now you see, pretty much all the members of NASS (the car club I belong to) 
know and understand this.   It was determined that Lord Lucas, Prince of 
Darkness, designed the electrical system this way so that problems and 
would be easily detected, and should a component in the electrical system fail 
while motoring, massive amouts of smoke will excape from the electrical 
conduit, alerting you of the problem, but the down side is that without the 
contained within the system, the vehicle will also cease to operate.   This 
USUALLY happens in areas far from civilization and without cell phone access.


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