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Re: Check out Nord-Lock - Home

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Subject: Re: Check out Nord-Lock - Home
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Date: Sun, 8 May 2005 18:32:29 -0700
An interesting part. I had seen them some time ago but had lost and
reference to them. In looking at them closely, without the top and bottom
faces of the washers being serrated very finely, this wouldn't work well.
But because they have this serration and bolt tightening causes that
serration to grip the bolt or flange surface, it works well. I bet they
would be good as header bolt washers, if they come in small (relatively)
diameters. Nice catch.

mayf, out in Pahrump

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Subject: Check out Nord-Lock - Home

> _Click here:  Nord-Lock - Home_
> (  This is the lock
washer, found them in my  favorites.  Anyone try them?
>    Thanks,   Tony Greco    LI,NY

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