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To: <>
Subject: U-Joints
From: "DrMayf" <>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 16:05:02 -0700
Is there one among the group who is a bona fide expert on u-joints? I had a
drive shaft made quite eome time ago because I needed it for spacing,
dimensions etc. I thought  stock u-joints were used. Well I just fitted up a
stock pinion yoke to it and yikes, not even close. I measured accross the
bearings of the u-joint and it is approximately 3 11/16 inches wide and the
braring caps are 1 1/8 inches in diameter. Which is this? 1310, 1330, or
1350? No not a quiz, no prize no two weeks vacation in the garden spot of
Nevada, Pahrump. Looks like I either need to get new pinion yokes and a
tranny slip yoke for what ever bearings these are. Now I know why I had
trouble fitting it through the safety loop...Oh they are supposedly high
strength u-joints and they have no zerk fitting to weaken them.

Any help out there?

mayf, lost in u-joint land

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