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Fw: Test

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Subject: Fw: Test
From: "Chris Harris" <>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 16:01:39 +1200
Hi Wes,
 Thanks for the salt condition report. At this point it surely doesn't look
 to promising.
 I'd appreciate further updates as we countdown to Speedweek.
 In your honest opinion, what would be your call with regard the salt being
 satisfactory by mid August.
 Many thanks,
 Chris Harris.


 Not  to make you nervous but here's the news from Salt Lake City.

 If you will check the pictures that were taken a week or so ago at the
 salt flats you'll see Pilot Peak in the background of one of them, and
 it's COVERED with snow.  All that still has to melt and the salt flats
 will be where it will end up.

 On May 19, 2005, at 5:31 PM, Chris Harris wrote:

 Its all arriving 'Down Under' Glenn, must be you shaking your computer.
 To everyone on the list, 'Whistle for the Wind' every quiet moment you
 As you can appreciate our schedules need be 2 months ahead and many don't
 make refunds on cancelled bookings.
 Regards to all,
 Chris Harris..........NZed.

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