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Gold Coast Gas Up Inductees

To: "autox" <>
Subject: Gold Coast Gas Up Inductees
From: "Ellen Wilkinson" <>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 18:43:38 -0600
Mary sent the following to me.  If any of you are interested in contributing
here is the information.
I am writing this note to seek donations for the 2005 Hall of Fame Inductees.
The following people have expressed the desire to have a ring.  The cost is
$440.00 each, so you can see it is a sizeable expenditure.  Mary West

If contributing money to the ring fund you or your members can designate the
person you want to honor.

Chuck Abbot             People who have contributed to racing
Mike Stewart
Keith Allen
Dave Macdonald
Lionel Pitts
Jim Miller                  Historian

Declined rings

Sadd Teague Bentley Roadster            Historical Vehicle
Bud Greenleaf                                        Motorcycle
Phil Freudiger Roadster                         Presently running car
Steve Batchelor         People contributing to racing
Harold Johansen       People contributing to racing

Ross Pistons,         Manufacturer of the Year

People from the past................deceased
Paul Schaefer
Jim Colbert
Ernie Bennett
Chuck Sprugin
Duke Hallock
Phylis Lindsley

Donations can be sent to Tim Rochlitzer  412 North Nopal
                                          Santa Barbara, Ca. 93103

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