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To: Rick Byrnes <>
Subject: Re: [Land-speed] Speed Week
From: Jon Wennerberg <>
Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2009 22:15:03 -0400
On Aug 8, 2009, at 5:36 PM, Rick Byrnes wrote:

> I need somebody to say something.
> Oh woe is me.

Let's see -- I ran the bike twice -- once on the special course, once  
on the short course (they're identical, but need different names to  
avoid confusion).  194 1/2 in the quarter mile on the special course,  
and 194 1/2 in the mile on the short course.   Hmm, not much  
difference, hey?  I'll tell you later about the greasy course.

George Poteet in the Poteet-Main Speed Demon (nee Flatfire) did a  
shakedown run first thing this morning -- first run ever with the new  
300 or so cubic inch Duttweiler motor.  He ran it with a conservative  
tune-up, his engine crew said -- and ran a measly 369 or so in the  
last mile, with a 379 exit speed.  That was with the waste gate  
screwed all the way down to minimum -- about 15#.  I think the car has  
something left, don't you?  It's in impound -- it was running on a 315  
record.  Impound has about 40 vehicles (I'll guess) in it right now --  
should be some good records set by mid-day tomorrow.  Mike Meirle (did  
I spell that right) is in impound with his Mitsubishi mini pickup, and  
Connie Beavers put her nitrous bike in at about a tenth of a MPH over  
the record she already has (about 210 and change).

And so on.  I'd post more but right now Nancy and I have to go buy 300  
hamburgers and all the rest of the stuff for Salt Talks tomorrow night.

Later.  You feeling okay, Rick?  We miss you out here.
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