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Re: [Land-speed] SCTA Run data

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Subject: Re: [Land-speed] SCTA Run data
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Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 07:37:29 -0700
Kirkwood -- 

Highlight and copy the table from the SCTA-BNI website (to your clipboard) 
and "Paste Special" as "Unformatted Text" into a blank Word document. If you 
change the text size down to 8 it will be clear to read on the Word document 
if that's all you want to do. Then save the document as a .txt file.  Now 
close the file.  (Excel won't import if the Word .txt file is open.

Open Excel and go to "Data", "Get External Data", "Import Text File" and 
browse for the file.

Highlight the file and click on "Import".

A "Text Import Wizard" box will appear.  This data set is a tab delimited 
file which is the default for this Wizard; so just click the "Next" button. 
You can click through the following "Next" buttons to the "Finish" and you 
will have your Excel spreadsheet ready for data sorting.  Or you can follow 
the instructions for a different format or placement on an existing Excel 
worksheet you have already worked on.
Ed Weldon

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Subject: [Land-speed] SCTA Run data

> Anybody having trouble downloading the daily run data from the SCTA 
> website?
> It says to right click and ''save as'' which is pretty typical. However, 
> no
> matter what I do I can't save the file to Excel. It will create an Excel
> file but devoid of run data.  Copy & Paste works but is tedious. I would
> like it to work as advertised. Any ideas?  Thanks  :-)
Support Team.Net

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