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Subject: Re: [Land-speed] L S R "coverage" on
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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 20:13:33 -0700
Jon everything you are doing is great. When I needed to know speeds I waited 
for the SCTA-BNI site the next day. You and Nancy are not only volunters for 
the SCTA but run your own vehicles too. There are so many others the post 
there pics on this site I get the feeling I'm there when I'm not. The 
shootouts and Bub are different but I'll get info whereever I can and not 
complain......Thanks for all you do....................JD
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Subject: [Land-speed] L S R "coverage" on

>A few days ago I mentioned, in response to Doug's comments on the lack  of 
>news/photos of SpeedWeek -- that I admitted I hadn't put much stuff  on 
>  So I've begun to do something about that lack, by  asking 
>Ray Buck (Ray the Rat) to do photography for the site.  You may  have seen 
>his stuff -- he runs the "ChevyAsylum" site and is the guy  that took the 
>photo of the Burkland #411 car a few inches off the  ground at the Top 
>Speed Shootout last September.
> I know that he'll take enough pictures to keep all of you satisfied,  so 
> that leaves me only the chores of getting both run data and some 
> "commentary" on the site.  For the run data -- well, I'm already set  up 
> to get daily run logs from Delvene for the Bub's motorcycle meet --  but 
> that's probably not the top priority for lots of you.  At World of  Speed 
> I'll ask Wes Potter if I can have a copy of the daily runs to  post, I 
> know I can get data for the Top Speed Shootout, and that  leaves only 
> World Finals.  I'll start working towards getting a copy  of the SCTA 
> daily run logs -- and maybe even get them in an easy-to- use format.
> Commentary?  Well, umn, unnhhh, how about "Boyoboy, did that car go 
> fast!"?  Is that god enough or do you want something more specific? 
> (Just kidding here).
> Whatever -- I'll try harder than ever to give you the kind of  information 
> you want to have -- coming from  Thanks  for taking a 
> minute to read this, and thanks for taking another minute  to send a note 
> back to me (and the others, too, if you'd so like to  do) to tell me 
> specifically what you want.
>       Jon Wennerberg
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> and a pair of 2 Club hats
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