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[Land-speed] Electrolysis Issues...

To: LSR <>
Subject: [Land-speed] Electrolysis Issues...
From: drmayf <>
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 18:51:36 -0700
Well, it is Miller time here at the Mayfield Ranch and compound in 
Pahrump. However, I have forgone the MIller is lieu of a double gin 
martini on the rocks, stirred not shaken with a plethora of pimento 
stuffed olives, the dinky size.  I have been cleanining parts all day 
long, as yesterday I removed the motor from the worlds fastest sunbeam 
(wannabe) in order to install a cutom grind turbo cam and solid roller 
lifters. As I was cleaning the heads today, I find that around some of 
the water ports in the head I see signs of electrolysis. My heads are 
aluminum and the block is cast iron but in between is a solid copper 
head gasket.  That seems to me to make a fine battery of sorts. What 
have you folk done to remediate the electrolysis problem?  Is putting a 
sacrificial zinc bar in the coolant water a solution? What others are 
there? I use distilled water per the head makers instructions and also 
Red Line water wetter. Nothing else. Is there a product that will 
prevent corrosion that comes in a bottle or can?

Thoughts? Comments?

many thanks in advance,

Support Team.Net

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