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[Land-speed] Ford Motor Tunign Question

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Subject: [Land-speed] Ford Motor Tunign Question
From: Larry Mayfield <>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 11:51:55 -0700
Organization: Mayfield Motorsport
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To some of you the subject line might be an oxy moronic question, lol,  
but to me it is a real issue.  The problem is thsat it starts and seems 
to run just fine but after about 20 seconds, it starts a sound on only 
the passenger side that is a rat a tat rat a tat rat ....sound. Almost 
like it has become a 2 stroke on that side.  I tune and run EFI on this 
motor so for those who do not use EFI may I ask if you know of any 
mechanical issue that would cause it to runt hat way on only one side?  
I am stumped. For the EFI crowd, after about 20 seconds the efi changes 
mode and spark drops from about 30 degrees to under 20 degrees. I 
suspect that is the problem but I do not know how to fix that...   I am 
currentl;yu researching teh documentation that is available for cranking 
mode to see if I can find something that tells me that widget x is 
broken and needs to be replaced or simply turn knob a it it will be 
magically fixed.  I use a Ford OEM A9P EEC computer with a Tweecer as 
the tuner chip. It worked just fine in 2010... This motor is normally 
aspirated with 11.4 CR and good stuff inside.

Thoughts comments help or suggestions..


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