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Lucas PL700 source?

Subject: Lucas PL700 source?
From: "TeriAnn Wakeman" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 95 17:34:24 -0800
I looked closely at my Lucas PL700 headlamps yesterday in anticiaption of 
mounting them back on the TR3.  I noticed that the silvering is starting to 
rust.  I'm not sure you can stop the process in headlamps once it starts.  
Assuming there are not companys that open up head lamps & resilver them, does 
anyone know of a source for new PL700s?  Lucas makes a small batch on occasion 
but I suspect this is one of the times when the pipelines are mostly empty and 
before Lucas gets talked into making another batch.

The Roadster factory is out but someone may know of a source that is not.  I 
sure would like to pack away a spare set until the time too much silvering turns
to rust.

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