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What's a Snug Top?

Subject: What's a Snug Top?
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 95 09:55 PST

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I have a rattling sound at idle.I took the car (a 79 B ) to a MG mechanic in 
SF valley who said it was the lifters bouncing at idle the noise goes away at 
speed He wasn't too concerned and said that it was normal at 70K miles and to 
use an additive or 20W-50W oil.My question is..Does this sound reasonable? Am I 
in for big truoble or can the car be driven BTW the engine uses almost no oil 1 
qt every 1500 miles or so doesn't smoke kas plenty of power seems fine except 
for that #@%%$ rattle! Am I being too picky or what?
Thanks ...Pat 79"B"
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