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Body Restoration

Subject: Body Restoration
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 16:46:42 -0500
This is a long, slow process but I am making some headway in the restoration
of my '63 MGB.  I'm basically a novice at bodywork but have taught myself to
use a MIG welder and have replaced the inner and outer rocker panels, floor
boards, and outer wheel wells - and the doors still line up!  My problem is
that I'm now getting to the rear wings and the tricky parts that ultimately
show the quality of the work.  I'm a little nervous to say the least.  I have
replacement wing panels from Moss which appear as though they will line up
just fine but I'm perplexed as to how to join the panels along the line of
the crome trim.  The following cross section is REALLY crude but it's the lip
on the replacement panel that I can't exactly figure out.  Do the two panels
just get butt joined? Should I just tack it in place with the welder and use
filler?  Is brazing a better low-temp option.
Upper half of wing       /  \_
Lower replace-         |
  ment panel            |

If anyone can decipher the drawing, I'd appreciate some help.

Bob Scardamalia
'63 MGB #4574

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