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Names for cars?

Subject: Names for cars?
From: "U. Goettsch" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 17:23:44 -0800 (PST)
> Andy: I note that your cars have names. I purchase from UK several years ago 
> YB sedan. It came with a name "Plum". Friends that  have bought cars in the 
> also found that the cars had names. Although not unheard of, it is not my 
> experience for us Yanks to name our cars , at least not in my area. Maybe 
> is a new thread, but I am curious if this is a regional thing. When I mean 
> names, I mean real names like yours, not the names that are slang or worse, 
> things we call our cars when they are driving us nuts.
> Mike Leckstein ,New Jersey USA 
In my street lived a lady who drove a red/white early Healey in original 
unrestored condition. She always had the top down, no matter what weather 
(OK, that was in Tucson, Arizona...). I pulled up next to her at the 
neighborhood gas station in my Sprite and started talking about cars. She 
said "So what is yours named?" as if that was the most normal thing to 
ask (like "how much oil does yours loose?"). Fortunately, I had named my 
Sprite on an exciting trip to San Francisco (crud from the tank in one of 
the carbs every couple of hours, dead NEW battery). 
So I replied "Ian!", also pretending this to be the most normal 
conversation. She said "Well meet Huxley (sp?)". 
Nice name I think.
Actually on that trip with many breakdowns, I even named the two carbs, 
but that's a different story...

Ulix "Let's hope my fuel pump stays anonymous!" Goettsch
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