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Andy's Antiroll Bar

Subject: Andy's Antiroll Bar
From: (Mark A. Dodd, WL/ELOD, X55581/64158)
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 95 08:16:57 EST
Andy writes:
>I also discovered that my antiroll bar mountings have ripped out of the chassis
>rail.  The box section rail seems to have come apart along one corner, and
then torn 
>out with the antiroll bar mount.  It doesn't look rusty - I'll have a
better look
>tonight.  Should I worry too much ?  
I have this problem on one side of my C/GT.  The mounting section of the box
rail is completely gone.  Should you worry?  It depends.  As most MG types
probably know, the Cs are not known for their handling.  My car goes one step
further.  It has tube shocks all the way around.  No front antiroll bar due to
the torn out box section.  And probably a 3/4" rear antiroll bar.  This puppy
is fun to put into corners at anything over about 25 mph.  Don't have to give
it much gas at all to invoke a nice drift :-)  Just wish those wire wheels
a little stronger....  Is a missing antiroll bar a problem?  Your call, but
your driving style will give you a hint as to how important the bar is.
Actually, the handling of my C isn't quite as bad as it may sound.  Since
all the
rubber bushings in my C are original they are quite hard at this point.  Thus I
get fairly immediate response to steering.  New bushings would have lots of give
and the beast would have some hesitation as each of the dozens of bushings
were fully loaded before the steeriing would kick in.  The joys of a torsion
bar front suspension!

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