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Repco Piston & Ring set

Subject: Repco Piston & Ring set
From: (Hans Abplanalp)
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 09:32:41 -0800

   I came across a set of pistons while cleaning out my rather
large and cluttered storage area.  These fit a Triumph GT-6
and are new, with rings installed, manufactured by Repco.
I sold my Triumphs years ago and missed these at the time.
I didn't think to get the part number when I was there, but
if someone is interested in them, I can get that Info.  Please
E-mail me directly, as I no longer subscribe to the list (Sold
 my '71 MGB).


Hans C. Abplanalp
University of California, Davis
Fleet Services
Davis, CA 95616-8555
Phone (916) 752-9669
FAX (916) 752-9670


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