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Re: seatbelts

Subject: Re: seatbelts
From: (craig wiper)
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 21:57:02 -0800
>Just put my new belts in.  I have a 79B and didn't get any brackets.
>I just unbolted my old belts from the brackets they were attached to
>and then used a large screwdriver to screw the stupid star headed screw
>(what is the right name for them?) to the bracket.  Belts work great.
>Richard Hauser
>General Classroom Building, Room 3104
>East Carolina University
>Greenville, NC  27858

Are you talking about Phillips head screws with a 4-way cross? Or Torx
screws with more of a star-pattern?

Craig Wiper

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