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Denise Thorpe Explains

Subject: Denise Thorpe Explains
From: (Ernest E. Gilbert)
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 07:49:05 -0800
Having been challenged by Will Zehring about the difference between the
early MGB shift levers, Denise Thorp replied"

"Since OD trannies are not used in race cars, it stands to reason that
those among us who are, shall we say, aggressive drivers, drive cars
without OD.  Since we speed shift habitually and violently, the shifter
post becomes bent over time.  So you see, the two types of tranny 
originally had identical shifter posts."

After which it was finally revealed that science and theology have a lot in

I remembered that when I first converted to an OD tranni in my '67 B GT,
with the proper lever, the existing rubber excluder was forcing the lever
out of both 2nd and 4th. My fix was to use a leather aftermarket excluder
without further thought.

I now turned to empirical observation using a fairly reliable tape measure.
I discovered that the shift lever in the OD tranni appears to be
approximately 1.5 inches further aft than the non-OD version. Measured from
the rear flange of the gear case the standard unit (out of the car) measured
about 11 inches and the OD (in a car but with the cover removed) about 12.5
inches. I cannot find the original non-OD lever but I suspect the bend might
interfere with the rear of the hole in the tunnel. 

The scientists among us might now want to either conduct further
observations to confirm or deny my observations, and perhaps refine their
theories. The theologists will probably simply deny. There is a difference
in both the levers and the disciplines.

Ernest (I've got a brand new philosophy degree) Gilbert

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