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Re: anthropomorpizing (sp?)

To: (Michael MacLeod)
Subject: Re: anthropomorpizing (sp?)
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 19:18:57 -0500

On Mon, 18 Dec 1995, (Michael MacLeod) wrote:
>        Is it just me?  Am I the only one who refuses to encumber an
>automobile, no matter how cherished, with a name?
>        I may be one of the few owners out there who have owned their
>treasured car (MGA in this case) for over 20 years.  But, never in all this
>time have I been tempted to baptise my cars, motorbikes, or guitars.
>        I realize I'm not a nurturing new-age kind of guy and probably
>don't belong in the 90's, but, surely there must be other curmudgeons out
>there just like me.
>        Am I a voice crying in the wilderness?
>Mike MacLeod
>'60 MGA - un-named
>'64 Jag Mk 10 - un-nmaed
>'68 BSA Spitfire - un-named
>'83 BMW R100 RS - un-named.
>Mike, we went through this a few weeks ago. I felt it was more an English 
practice, as my cars are unnamed except the one (YB) that came directly from 
England already with a name. The reaction to this discussion was mixed, some 
with names others without. I believe you or shall I say we are in the majority 
in the States, but again many did reply with names. 

Mike Leckstein 

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