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Re: Had a wreck,NEED PARTS BAD

Subject: Re: Had a wreck,NEED PARTS BAD
From: (David Councill)
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 09:01:06 -0700
>Dear SOL,
>        I had a hit and run driver leave me with a nearly identical problem
>at a parking lot in Santa Rosa, CA. How hard is it to replace that
>fender? Would I be better off trying to pound it back into shape, or is
>that nearly impossable? I have not done much body work before and have
>never even touched a welder.
>                                        Jim McDougal
>                                        '74 MGB sysiphus

Actually the fender is just bolted on so no welding is required. I replaced
my right front fender on my BGT (large rust holes and thick bondo coating).
It was not too difficult once I got the hard to access bolts under the
dashboard removed.

David Councill

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