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Re: Re[2]: dashboard surface

Subject: Re: Re[2]: dashboard surface
From: Mike Lambdin <E720LAM@TOE.TOWSON.EDU>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 14:19:32 -0500 (EST)
Thanks Marty, and everyone else, for your response(s) - there has been
so many.

No two responses were quite the same but the consensus matched exactly
Marty's response (below).

I had mentioned that my dash & scuttle were done in leather and after
all the responses mentioned vinyl a second look verified both to be 
correct. A previous owner had covered the vinyl with leather. At the 
same time they covered the, albeit worn, leather seats in vinyl. ????

Thanks for helping find that definitive answer.

Mike Lambdin

     All Coupe's had a vinyl covered dash fascia, trim roll and scuttle.  
     On the 1500 Coupe's the fascia and the scuttle could be different 
     colors by  the fascia  matching the contrasting trim roll. 
     The 1600 Mk 2 roadster was the only one with a vinyl covered scuttle.  
     It came in only red or black.  All other roadsters had painted fascia 
     and scuttle. 
     Marty Schlining
     57 MGA Coupe
     75 MGB

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