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Shock info needed, 300 miles 70 mph 30 mpg :)

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Subject: Shock info needed, 300 miles 70 mph 30 mpg :)
From: "Eric L. Van Iderstine" <elv1@Ra.MsState.Edu>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 16:45:06 -0600 (CST)
I have a question for anyone that has done the tube shock conversion 
using the spax shocks (or any other high end shock for that matter) or a 
dealer on the list who can get some info for me.

I need the compressed and extended length for the spax (koni/whatever) shock.

The tube shocks I am using (local autozone) run out of travel just before 
the bump stops......and while this was/is fine for driving around 
Starkville, a trip through the horrible city streets (potholes/raised 
road sections (really) 4" - 5" deep/tall!!) of New Orleans brought out the 
inadequacy of the present dampers......

On another note, my B drove the entire (300 miles one way) trip at 65-75 
mph....I was pretty pleased and I think (odometer doesn't work...internal 
gear missing a few teeth...anybody have a busted one that they want to 
part with??  Otherwise on the way to New Mexico, I'll try to pick one up 
at a salvage yard in Dallas I tend to frequent) I got about 30 mpg at 
speed..  So much better than the LaSabre.  

Happy holidays...

I just ordered a colortune for christmas......smooth running here we come!!


Eric L. Van Iderstine - ME senior - Mississippi State University 
Design Coordinator - MSU Formula SAE......Powered by Honda......
74 MGB / 85 Buick / 95 DiamondBack Sorrento

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