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naming names

Subject: naming names
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 08:08:05 -0500
Fellow fiends:

Well, there's been a lot of loose talk the past few days about giving names 
and/or genders to cars, nurturing men of the '90s, and whether or not the B 
drives like a guided missle cruiser.  I don't know much about that last one 
(I had an acquaintance who piloted (is that the right term?) an aircraft 
carrier and it did sound a bit different).  But... let me come to the 
defense of those who *do* provide monikers for their cars.  I am happy to 
remind you that my '63 B is known, about the house, as "Old Whitesides."  
Mind you, not all my cars have had names.  In fact, among my 3 lbcs, only 
the MG has one.  

Read on:  In my mis-spent youth, I had a '76 Mercury Capri (remember? the 
sexy european?).  One winter's saturday some ten+ years ago, I drove it east 
from Boston, on twisty, snowy highways in western Massachusetts; it was a 
blast, performing perfectly for me (just the right amount of over-steer, 
even at 5 mph!).  I got to my friends' home in record time, with a big smile 
on my face, and from that time on the car was called "The Rocket Sled."  
Prior to that time I'd called it "The Thresher" as, after three hit-and-run 
accidents in Chicago (in the period of five years; I speak the truth), it 
appeared to be imploding.  What I mean to be saying here is that I don't 
*automatically* name a car and I don't think cars *must* have names.  OTOH, 
if an event correlates, ... why not?  

You may well ask: whence "Old Whitesides?"  Ahhh, thereby hangs a tale!

Will "warm and fuzzy" Zehring

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