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Re: Alignment made simple

Subject: Re: Alignment made simple
From: "A.D.Smith" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 16:01:42 GMT
It must be the fact that I have a moto-lita wheel and boss on there that
does it then.  I can take my wheel off in about 5 mins.  Just undo the 12
or so bolts holding the top of the boss on, then get a big socket on that 
big nut and whack it off.  Easy.  

I also have never had self-cancelling indicators.  I thought it was a nice
old feature when I got the car, and now I prefer them that way.  I since 
found that they should cancel, but I left them like that.

I also have non-self-parking windscreen wipers, I like them too now, they're 
a good conversation starter, along the lines of "wow, your car is so old the
wipers don't even stop themselves in the right place".  It's amazing how
quickly I got used to flipping the switch at just the right point to stop them
on the bottom of the screen.


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